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About me
🌿 I've been gardening ever since a child, when I spent time with my father in his vegetable garden. But my fascination with Echeverias started in the 1980's, when my father gave me a pot with five Echeverias, which turned out to be E. imbricata. At first I wasn't much interested in them and planted them in some obscure corner of the garden and completely forgot about them. How great was my surprise when, a couple of months later, I noticed that they had spread and made a beautiful display - I was hooked!
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Flowers of the Echeveria imbricata

Camera : Canon EOS 550D 
Taken in my garden (Tarlton, Gauteng, South Africa)

Echeveria imbricata is one of the most popular and beautiful succulents in the Crassulaceae family, native to semi-desert habitats in Mexico. They are not as frost-hardy as some other succulents and I bring mine in every winter. They used to be spread all over my garden, but after almost losing most of them, I transplanted them into various containers and now they are thriving like never before.


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Monster Echeverias

My Echeverias (E. glauca) responded in the most amazing way to all the rain we’ve had last summer, many days as much as 100mm – some are as big as saucers and, this one in particular, as big as a dinner plate.

These beautiful and varied tender succulents are not frost hardy. However, their ability to withstand drought is unsurpassed. Yet they thrive when given a lot of water. Originating in hot desert conditions in Mexico and South America, there are still new species being discovered today. The hybrids that we know and love are easy to grow and propagate, which only encourages that urge to acquire more.

Watch out, these plants are very addictive!

 In winter they have now taken on a more blueish hue...

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