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About me
🌿 I've been gardening ever since a child, when I spent time with my father in his vegetable garden. But my fascination with Echeverias started in the 1980's, when my father gave me a pot with five Echeverias, which turned out to be E. imbricata. At first I wasn't much interested in them and planted them in some obscure corner of the garden and completely forgot about them. How great was my surprise when, a couple of months later, I noticed that they had spread and made a beautiful display - I was hooked!
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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Crassula Perfoliata ssp. falcata Up-date

Since I acquired my Crassula falcata in January this year, I've been patiently waiting for it to flower. I was told that a young plant takes ages to flower, but just two months later, in the first week of March I was blessed with the first bud!

Endemic to South Africa, from the Cape Province, they grow to approx. 2 feet (0.61m) tall. The blossom started off with a light pink but soon turned into a sparkling, striking red.

12th March 2015

16th March 2015

By the 4th May I was rewarded with this beautiful flower!

The flower is actually quite heavy and soon leaned horizontal and I was scared it might break off. But turning it to face the sun solved the problem as the plant reacted quite well and started to get up straight again.

Over the past two weeks of June, the bloom has started fading and this summer I'm looking forward to some more lovely flowers!

Crassula falcata plants grow to 2 feet tall. Their small scarlet red flowers grow in a large cluster, rising dramatically above the plants' leaves in summer, giving a beautiful showing for 6-8 weeks. They flower smells like cinnamon and can bloom twice per year, attracting birds and other pollinators.


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