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About me
🌿 I've been gardening ever since a child, when I spent time with my father in his vegetable garden. But my fascination with Echeverias started in the 1980's, when my father gave me a pot with five Echeverias, which turned out to be E. imbricata. At first I wasn't much interested in them and planted them in some obscure corner of the garden and completely forgot about them. How great was my surprise when, a couple of months later, I noticed that they had spread and made a beautiful display - I was hooked!
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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Succulent addiction

(A warning: If you have any propensity towards cactus love to begin with, moving to the desert will increase it exponentially!) 

The funny thing about succulents is, once the bug has bitten you, it lasts forever. When we left Gauteng a year ago, I gave all my babies away to a good home, often thinking about them, missing them and visualizing starting a new family as soon as I could.

My new (temporary) home didn't allow for much gardening, but the minute I could, I found a space, called it my 'propagation station', and lovingly cultivated a few cuttings. Most were cuttings or leaves given to me by friends and other succulent-lovers and some were collected the old-fashioned way, picking up shed leaves and broken pieces off garden pavements.

Next month we are moving to our permanent coastal home (yes, we decided to stay in KwaZulu Natal!) and now my little collection is ready for re-location to their new home. Soon I'll be able to dig into some soil again and feel the earth move beneath my feet! 💚💚💚

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